Czech Cloud Torrenting Service Startup Introduces Advanced, Cloud Based Technology for Downloading Torrents. is all set to change the way most of the people download torrents. Capable of downloading torrents on their servers, is now opening up a world of opportunities for users.

Torrenting is becoming more and more a questionable subject while many people use it to download movies, tv series, games, music, ebooks and so much more illegally online some do actually use it to download copyright and royalty free content from the internet which is, of course, legal to do. No matter in which of those two groups you belong you want to have an safe online torrenting experience. This is where get’s our attention.

Bitport is a service that allows you to download torrents directly to your cloud without having to install any software.

In other words, you do not download anything at all to your computer but you download it to the servers. After it’s finished downloading you can play the movie you downloaded or listen to the music you downloaded.


A good thing about is that they have a free service package. While their free service is good but as it is free so there are some restrictions. If you really want to download big movies or games to your cloud storage then you will need to sign up for a paid package. But the good thing is that their small paid package is the cheapest package at only 5 USD a month with lot of benefits.

Downloads Speed offers some lightning fast download speeds even in the free package. We’ve downloaded the trailer for some movies to our Cloud account to see how much speed we could achieve on We hit more than 15MB/s which is a awesome result. We were surprised by this speed.

The fast download speeds is really something that everyone love. Using BitPort you can download any file you want and in few moments you can watch it. Especially if you have a slow connection then BitPort is a best alternative.

Premium Plans:

The small premium starts with just 5 USD with 30 gb cloud storage and you can download 5 Torrents at the same time.

unlimited traffic it means you don’t have to wait for to download your nect torrent you can just download to cloud as much as torrent you can with unlimited download speed with is amazing.

And the best thing is that it is secured with HTTPS and it is also Virus checked (Amazing right)

Affiliate Earning:

You won’t believe  it but also have an affiliate program which is really awesome.

If you promote Bitport ,You can get 50% commission for Each referral.It means if u refer someone and that person buys premium membership for one year which is 60 USD.You will get 30 USD from Bitport…..Just WOW

Premium plan for free:

Here is the best part which makes bitport as the best torrenting client..

Guys you won’t believe me …The bitport also gives you FREE PREMIUM PLAN just for writing a review on your website (like this) or you make a youtube video.

Here is picture screenshot of there offer.

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